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What is the temp mail generator does?

Tempmailgen is a temp mail site that helps you to create and have a temporary and disposable email address. We support up to 10 temp email inboxes at a time. we are not expiring your tempmail inboxes within 10 minute mail; it's lifetime access to your disposable and throwaway email addresses.
We also support reply/forward feature for your recieved tempmails inside your inboxes.
here are some other list that you can use as disposable and temporary email services. Alternative ( Moakt Alternative ) ( Getnada Alternative ) ( mohmal بريد مؤقت Alternative ) alternative alternative alternative ( best yopmail alternative 2020)

How to use tempmailgen?

You can add more tempmails using add inbox button.

You can view received emails from clicking the view button.


We also allow users to temp email send and reply even we support email forward.

Using our temp email generator is simple as that.