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What is temp mail generator does?

Are you tired of creating emails from companies like Gmail/Yahoomail/Hotmail and accounts? Then we got a solution for you! With us, you only need one click to get a temp mail address to you. Then use it anywhere you need to use

So We created a Lifetime temp email generator which helps you to get unlimited disposable email addresses.

How to use tempmailgen?

You can add more tempmails using add inbox button.

You can view received emails from clicking the view button.


We also allow users to temp email send and reply even we support email forward.

Using our temp email generator is simple as that.

Comparison with other fake email generator sites
  1. ( Moakt Alternative )
    Moakt is An old website that not anymore updating! . it is also similar to mohmal mail.
    moakt throwawaymail that can also use as a temporary and disposable email service but it is very slow at processing your emails. Also, they will expire your inbox after one hour.
    We => New and Fastest temporary email process! in world.
    We never expire or delete your emails or email inbox, it's lifetime and totally free!
    Say bye to moakt and choose us as a moakt alternative.  

  2. ( Getnada Alternative )

    Getnada is bit good mail temporary service that helps you to create temp emails. Founded by getairmail developers. Getnada helps you to have few more nada email inboxes. But they will give you someone used getairmail inbox and temporary throwaway mail.
    Using TempMailGen You always get a unique email address that no one used before. Even get nada not adding new domains to prevent getting social media suspends.

  3. ( mohmal بريد مؤقت Alternative ) is crated from arabic word ( مهمل ) it means careless. mohmal mail is popular among most of arabic countries and it's users to create بريد مؤقت from it. this mohmal مهمل do not provide بريد مهمل bulk emails, but tempmailgen Do. IF you want to use best بريد موقت site you must use

  4. ( fake email generator Alternative ) & ( fakeemailgenerator alternative that works)

    Both above fake email generator sites run by same person , There site is hard to understand and use. even they providing .tk spam domain to create random emails. It is big negative mark to avoid that fake and random email generator. You can use the above sites to generate fake email but you can't recover your old emails from them. Whenever you need to recover old emails our website helps you to do it.

  5. ( yopmail alternative )

    Yopmail also an old email fake generator. It having a very old design that founded in 2006. You can use yopmail as a disposable random email generator. But they do not guarantee for the valid period of your email inbox. Also, they proving very little old domains to create disposable emails. it will drive you to suspend your created accounts.

    While every temporary email support full encryption, yopmail using old insecure HTTP. that means attackers might steal your data.

  6. ( guerrilla mail alternative )

    guerilla mail also known as guerrilla mail founded in 2003. it's possible the oldest throwaway email service that sill working. They have 've processed 12,188,765,163 temporary emails by now. guerrillamail proving an open source disposable email api . Not only them, we also proving and awesome temp email api

Where you can use temp mail address

When you get a throwaway,disposable or temporary email address from us we never delete it from our tempail databases. Also, we never expire your tempmail inbox like other 10 minute mail services or above temporary email sites that we discussed above.
that means your temp emails not going to delete or unlike other temp email generator providers, we protect your data.

We always change our domains! that means no one can block our temp mail addresses.

What is temp mail generator does?

Go ahead and create a temp email from our fake mail generator and use it on any website you need to sign up or register.

You can use the temp email address on the following purposes:

  • use our temp mail for facebook account signup
  • Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media account signup
  • To create Accounts like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Spotify
  • You can reply from our tempmail anonymously
  • Signup for newsletters
  • use to prevent getting your real email id spammed
  • Use this fake email generator address to hide your real email address

Now you can understand how we claim we are the best temp mail generator site.Our team having 10 year+ experience in this industry to protect your real email address getting leaked among email spammers.